Diana Pei 1Coach Diana Pei


Former US Wushu Team member

Beijing Wushu Team 2005 Diana Quan 1Diana 2002 Wushu Sword 1

Diana 2002 Wushu Sword 7

Diana 2002 Wushu Sword 3

Personal Information

Name: Diana Pei
Chinese Name: Pei Na

Status: Active
Rank: Black Belt
Specialties: Sword, Double Swords, Spear, Changquan, Taiji, Three men fighting set
Quote: "If you sit down after you train, you're butt will get big"

2007 US Wushu Team member
2006 US Capitol Classics. Tiger Claw Elite Musical Forms Choreographed 12-17 M/F Gold Medal
2006 Toronto, Canada, Pan-Am Games 5th in Sword and 4th in Spear
2005 US Wushu Team member
2004 Pan-Am Games Spear Silver Medal
2003 US Wushu Team member
2002 NASKA, US Capital Classics, two gold one sliver
2002 USCKF, Baltimore, Maryland, three gold one sliver.
2002 USCKF, Baltimore, Maryland, nominee for competitor of the year

2001 USCKF, Baltimore, Maryland, competitor of the year.
2001 USCKF, Baltimore, Maryland, one gold and two silver medals.
2001 NASKA, Charlie Lee, two bronzes
2000 USCKF, Baltimore, Maryland, two gold and one silver medals.
1999 Beijing International Wushu Taijiquan Championship, China, three gold medals.
1998 USCKF, Baltimore, Maryland, three gold medals.

In the Real World
Honor Roll Student
Arlington Honor Orchestra cello player
Demostrated with the 2005 Beijing Wushu Tour at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC
Performed over hundred of demostrations

Favorite TV Shows: Scrubs, South Park, Reno 911, Animal Planet, Mythbusters, Office
Favorite Movies: Ocean's Eleven, My Sassy's Girl, Snatch, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Harry Potter, An Interview With a Vampire, Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball, 40 Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, In Her Shoes, Kill Me Later, North Country, Ong-bak

Fun Facts:
I have two pomeranians named Honey and Happy.

I named my car Sasha.
I played the cello for five years.
I know three languages besides English. I can read and write in Chinese, Spanish, and Korean, I understand Chinese and some Spanish, and can speak Chinese fluently.