Application Process To Becoming a Student

Whether you wish to begin or continue in the study of the martial arts, choosing a school is an important decision. To learn more about the United States Wushu Academy and to observe a class in progress, call to find out the class schedule. 

While visiting the school, feel free to discuss the program with coaches and students. We wish to satisfy your curiosity, but ask that you observe the school etiquette of speaking quietly and not disturbing a class in progress. 

Should you decide that the United States Wushu Academy program is of interest, you can fill out a new student enrollment application and begin your Two months trial lessons. 

During these Two months of trial lessons, you will learn if you can keep up with the training schedule and adjust your life accordingly. After successful completed the Two months of trial lessons then you will officially be accepted as a student. 

We keep our class size small to provide better instructions and personal attention to each student.