February 1, 2017

Wushu 20170201 1Diamond is formed under extreme temperature and pressure over a long period. A strong children's growth is also under constant pressure and challenges.

Every year during the Chinese New Year performances, all our children need to compile their own unique combination of basic techniques, and approved by coach before they can perform.

Every year, I saw children's skills growth, but I am most pleased to see is how they can stay calm under pressure.

We have six performances this year, but we need four different choreographies. Watching children 's hard work and the never give up spirit always wins my respect.





Wushu 20170201 2 Wushu 20170201 3 Wushu 20170201 4 Wushu 20170201 5
Wushu 20170201 6 Wushu 20170201 7 Wushu 20170201 8 Wushu 20170201 9