To provide the student with the highest quality of instruction


    To train and produce top competition athletes for the World Games


    To cultivate character through the Academy’s educational experiences


US Challenge 

"Quest for Excellence"
October 1 - 2, 2022
An International Championship in Wushu, Kung Fu & Taiji
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QiDu (Essentials)

Pathway to Tranquility

September 12 to November 9, 2022 course is now open for registration

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The United States Wushu Academy (USWA) was established in 1988.  Since its inception, USWA has championed the promotion of Wushu (Chinese Martial arts), Taiji (Tai Chi) and Health Qigong in the United States.  Today, USWA pioneers the introduction of Chen and Yang styles of Taiji as well as Health Qigong in the United States through high quality seminars. USWA has hosted nine International Chinese Martial Arts Championships known as "The U.S. Challenge."

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QiDu 气度: Pathway to Tranquility
Coach Christopher Pei's QiDu Classes are now open for registration. The QiDu class uses gentle physical movements and meditative techniques to allow you to clear your mind and decrease stress. This class is geared toward those who seek to create positive life changes in a warm, nurturing environment with a group of supportive classmates.

Coach Pei selects movements from a lifetime of experience with Wushu, Taiji, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide a practice that is simple yet deeply effective. Stories drawn from his life experience across three different cultures help students awaken self awareness. Each class offers something the student can apply directly to their life.

Join this class if you could benefit from learning techniques to help you be calm in the moment and build habits that allow you to access inner tranquility and mental clarity in daily life. Please check on this link for more information and registration.



USWA Opens Up In-Person Class

USWA is now open for both Virtual and In-Person classes.  All In-Person class attendees are required to have been fully vaccinated from COVID-19.
Please check on our class schedule for details.

United States Challenge held on October 13, 2019

2019 usc

The United States Challenge was held on this past weekend on October 13, 2019. On behalf of everyone from the United States Wushu Academy, we were honored to have Minister Xu Xueyuan from the Embassy of People's Republic of China and Senator Susan Lee from the Maryland State Senate attended the event. The goal of United States Challenge is to promote friendships among different cultures. We thank coaches, athletes and supporting parents for coming to this cultural event.

National Public Radio Report on Coachs life

Wushu Coaches Help Chinese Students Master Literacy And 'Become A Better Person'

pei and zhang S

pei and zhang S

Click here to National Public Radio

2019 US Sanda Championship and Team Tryouts

Only actual experience with strong perserverance can improve one's skill level.

Many thanks to the friends I met in this competition.  I cherish you.


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Lecture: Tai Chi

To celebrate and showcase its newly accomplished enlargements, the Kennedy Center will hold nearly 500 free artistic performances and workshops from September 7 to 22, 2019. Coach Pei S

Christopher Pei, founder of the United States Wushu Academy, and a leading figure in the promotion of Wushu, Tai Chi and Qigong, will give a lecture on how to reduce physical stress and improve mental well-being through Tai Chi on September 7 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

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Chinese New Year performances

Wushu Jesscan and TashaDiamond is formed under extreme temperature and pressure over a long period. A strong children's growth is also under constant pressure

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Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors game halftime show

Wushu and Washington Wizards during the National AnthemUSWA was invited to perform at the Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors game halftime show on

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USWA Dragon and Wushu Team Performed at NBA Half Time

Wushu 2014 NBA Half Time Wushu Te

USWA Dragon and Wushu Team Performed at NBA Half Time on February 1, 2014 between the Washington Wizards and the Oklahoma City Thunder at Verizon Center youtube paly

US Wushu Academy Students Perform at the Chinese Embassy

Chinese Embassy