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Sunday, 10/13 US Challenge Online Registration for: 网上报名:

1. First Timer 初赛组
2. Wushu 武术 拳术和器械
3. IWUF Wushu 世界锦标赛
4. IWUF Junior Wushu 世界青少年锦标赛
5. Southern Kung Fu 传统南派功夫拳术和器械
6. Northern Kung Fu 传统北派功夫拳术和器械
7. Yang Style Taiji 杨式太极拳和器械
8. Chen Style Taiji  陈式太极拳和器械
9. Other Style Taiji 其它太极拳和器械
10. Fighting Sets 对练
11. Team (Minimum 4 people to maximum 6 people) 集体项目

Saturday, 10/12 Wellness & Energy Exchange Online Registration for: 网上报名:

This is a charity event and all proceeds goes to benefit the Center for Cultural Exchange;
a non-profit organization working in promotion of cross culture understanding.

1. Wellness and Energy Exchange 第二届华盛顿健身气功论坛:养生与能量交流
2. Workshop with Coach Wu Bin 武术之父李连杰教练吴彬公益讲座


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